August 9, 2022 webinar for pet owners, pet facilities, parks

A video of this webinar is now available for viewing!

Learn about the set up and operation of a system for repurposing dog manure in an outdoor space with access to water.  The system can be scaled up for a kennel or a dog boarding facility. The method is also workable for a municipality if the material can be transported to a well-designed facility managed by a knowledgeable composter/vermicomposter or designed and managed by a consultant with experience in these methods.

Speaker Kathy Doesken, composter, research scientist and founder of Rocky Mountain Soil Stewardship in Fort Collins, Colorado, has developed processes to successfully compost many different types of feedstocks. Since dogs have always been part of the family, she has experimented with efficient, practical ways to compost pet manure for quite a few years.

The best system for her results from a two-phase, four-bin method that she developed for use at a vegetable garden. The system incorporates traditional hot composting with vermicomposting to process dog manure into a finished soil amendment that has documented pathogen levels within acceptable limits for OMRI certified composts plus soil nutrients for healthy plants.

In addition to set-up and operation, the webinar covers highlights of the lab analyses of the pet compost and information on how the results compare to data from Rocky Mountain Soil Stewardship’s commercial vermicompost.

Kathy will continue sending samples of the pet manure-based compost to a lab to check the pathogen profile and other key qualities for several more years until she is sure that this feedstock mix and the dual method produces a safe and productive finished compost.

“We need understand natural processes to solve what we humans see as problem materials with no value,” says Kathy. “Pet manure does not belong in a landfill and it is not waste.”



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