Serving Colorado communities

EnviroWagg is an EPWN program that is diverting tons of dog waste from Colorado landfills by composting it in an in-vessel tumbler located at Soil Rejuvenation Garden Bed Supply in Longmont. The compost is safe, smells great, and offers a rich diversity of nutrients for robust plants. 

Through years of research and development, EnviroWagg has proven that careful monitoring, proper bulking agents and inoculants, and curing can produce a safe soil amendment that is beneficial for plants. Finished compost is currently used to nourish landscaping at Soil Rejuvenation’s retail garden center. 

EnviroWagg’s composting program is possible through the services of Pet Scoop, the Denver company that collects dog waste from sustainability-minded businesses, parks and open spaces and brings it to the processing site. EnviroWagg’s local green partners work together to help preserve Colorado’s  environment for both people and pets. 

Proceeds from EnviroWagg support EPWN’s mission and goals.

Can pet waste compost safely grow plants?

In an informal experiment, EnviroWagg tested its dog waste compost against a premium poultry manure compost purchased at a local garden center. Each flat contained petunia seeds from the same packet planted in a starter mix with equal amounts of compost and perlite. The flats were exposed to to the same amount of sunlight and received the same amount of water 

The finished dog waste compost (right) outperformed the commercial compost. No formal horticultural study has been conducted to evaluate pet waste as a soil amendment.