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Can dog poo be used to grow our food?

Using her own ‘research assistant’, Bailey, and the poo of hundreds of dogs from day care, PhD candidate Emily Bryson has been studying the breakdown of dangerous pathogens in different compost temperatures, even using worm

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Transforming cat waste

Can cat waste be composted the same as dog waste? For the most part, yes. The big difference is that dog waste is mostly collected in plastic pick-up bags and cat waste mixes with litter.

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Community Education Resources

Why not learn from what others have done.We’d like to share resources that have been developed and used in community projects aimed at diverting pet waste from landfill.Here are a few to get started. The

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U.S. municipal waste stream

What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. Calculating how much dog and cat waste is streamed to landfills in the U.S. alone is difficult to do and the amount increases each year. There are no

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Compostable bag facts

Returning contents back to nature If your community waste management systems offer commercial composting services for dog waste, using certified compostable pick-up bags  is essential ((DIN EN 13432 in EU or ASTM D2400 in US,

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Calculating pet waste

When planning a pet waste recycling program, it’s important to find out the amount of pet waste that your project will be tackling. This data will be key to choosing options and applying for grants.

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Environmental impacts of dog waste

Toilets and sanitary sewage treatment have provided modern man with a workable solution to human waste disposal. But there is no effective, broadly-implemented solution to eliminating the problem of pet waste. At this point, guardians,

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#GotPoop: B.C. cities get creative

Red garbage dog waste recycling bins have become more common in municipalities across the British Columbia Lower Mainland in recent years, diverting tons of waste from landfills. But North Vancouver’s is arguably the catchiest approach,

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Boulder upcycling at trail heads

How does Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks encourage hikers with dogs to keep trails poo free and foster sustainability? The agency has expanded its dog waste composting program from three to 20+ trail heads.

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Do it yourself

Alternatives to trashing pet waste Many agencies concerned with public health discourage pet waste recycling. And their concern is justified. If not done conscientiously and with consistent effort, the result could be pollution, odor and

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