Wanted – your ideas to skip the dog poop waste bag!

Calling all dog owners – seeking ideas, innovation, creativity

What can you dream up to avoid using dog poop waste bags altogether?

Send your ideas to contact@epwn.org

While collecting dog poo with bags is easy and convenient the poop in bags in landfill doesn’t break down. Without oxygen, compostable ones just sit there too and produce harmful methane gas!

As a step in caring for the planet, ideally all dog owner’s dog poop gets composted, at home (doggie doo composter, hole in ground) or by a commercial operator (collector, FOGO bin, green waste bin).

One intrepid Aussie dog owner with two medium-sized dogs has been successfully trialling a bag less dog poop carrier. Gear – one plastic container with handle and clip on lid, an insitu scooper fixed to lid, a backpack for the container, home compost bin and drying station. The insitu scooper enables scooping while maintaining a clean handle! After use it gets washed out and sun dried.

In just 3 months with 2 medium-sized dogs, over 180 dog waste bags and ~60kg (130lbs) of poop was saved from landfill with this bag less idea!


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