More Toronto parks are getting special bins for dog waste

The city of Toronto is expanding the number of parks with bins specifically for dog waste. A total of 40 such bins will now be available in parks with high dog traffic, up from 10 in the first phase of a pilot project launched in May.

Waste audits done in 2020 of bins located near parks showed almost half (45%) of the total waste in garbage bins was organic material — and 99% of that was dog poo.

The initial phase of the bin program successfully increased the amount of waste helping to make compost and diverted it from the garbage stream, where it sometimes contaminated waste that could have been recycled. The pilot project is expected to expand again in November

The city says the processing of organics also “produces biogas, which can be upgraded into renewable natural gas and used by the city to help power its vehicles and facilities, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Here’s the full scoop.
Full scoop plus bin locations.


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