Sponsors and donors

Do you offer products or services for people committed to raising healthy pets while reducing carbon paw prints?  Your sponsorship will help our network grow and showcase your company to people looking for solutions that you can provide. Look for more details soon!

If you would like to sponsor EWPN or offer an in-kind contribution of products or services, please let us know. 

EPWN is managed 100% by volunteers and none of us are paid for the work we do. Your donation to the “pack” will cover online user fees, website enhancements and outreach programs that will help us advance our mission.

Keep pet poop in the loop and out of landfills. Donate today! It’s U.S. tax deductible. We’ll email you verification of your donation.

Coming Soon - Gifting opportunity

To assist the network provide information and resources that help make pet waste disposal kinder to the planet, we are offering businesses the opportunity to ‘Gift” US$100 or $200 in 2023.

More information will be available soon.

2023 Gift Businesses