Tonawanda, NY trainer is dog poo worm farmer

Four years ago, Myles Stubblefield was a dog trainer with a problem.

“Dog poop. When you have a dog training business and have 16 dogs running around at any point, it can really pile up. We didn’t know what to do. We tried hot composting, but that didn’t really work in Buffalo,” said Stubblefield – the owner of K9 Vision Inc. – a dog training company based in Tonawanda.

When looking for answers, the company searched for ways to accelerate the composting process – to get rid of the waste in a safe way.

“To solve our problem we got worms. Thousands of worms, to break down the poop in a compost. Everything stemmed from there,” said Stubblefield.

K9 Vision Inc. now shares its space with Stubblefield’s next venture, Buffalo Worm Works.

More from WKBW 7News Buffalo, NY
NPR featured a Myles Stubblefield interview at an April 30, 2022 edition of “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell me” – Live from Buffalo.


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