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May 19/AU, 4 p.m. AEST
Cleaner Greener Pets – Solutions!

Emily Bryson is a PhD candidate based in Adelaide, studying at Central Queensland University. She will share information on her research which aims to provide dog owners’ evidence-based advice to effectively compost dog poop and compostable waste bags and where to use the compost safely.

Hear how dog owners’ attitudes and behaviours of dog poop disposal informed Emily’s compost experiments.
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Jan. 18/US, Jan. 19/AU
Earth Cubes for Pet Waste Webinar

Video link – Earth Cubes for Composting Pet Waste

Earth Cube in-vessel composting unit geared for parks and multiple-pet businesses and organizations.  275-gal. container (1040 L) composting 1,000 lb. (454 kg) of dog waste per month. Earth Cube operation, equipment, use with pet waste, modifications.

Speaker: Van Calvez, System Design, Sales & Customer service, Green Mountain Technologies, Brisbane Island, WA US

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Jan. 19/US, Jan. 20/AU
Off-leash Dog Area Worm Farm Webinar

Video link – Worm farms to digest dog poo in dog parks trial

Using worm farms to digest dog poo at fenced park south of Sydney, Australia. Learn about the program, the journey from Phase 1 to Phase 2, lessons learnt, future applications to public areas and residential use, and the awards they’ve won.

Speaker: Patricia Chamberlain, Coordinator – Waste Avoidance & Resource Recovery, Bayside Council, NSW AU

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Mar. 22/US, Mar.23/AU
Biodigestion for Dog Waste Webinar

Video link – Biodigestion for Pet Poo

Topics: Composting vs. biodigestion, Pacific Shellfish Institute study – recycling options – findings & recommendations, latest small biodigestion units including HomeBioGas/Israel, Enviro Tech/India, Puxin/China, and large-scale biodigestion (AD) facilities accepting pet waste.

Speakers: Aimee Christy, Pacific Shellfish Institute, Olympia, WA US
Rose Seemann, EPWN, Aurora, CO US

Additional information: Anaerobic Digestion and Other Alternatives for Dog Waste Management and Education in Thurston County, Aimee Christy

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